Abilene High Career and Technology Department

Abilene High School Career and Technology Education programs are dedicated to preparing young people to manage their future as a wage earner. Career and technical programs enable students to gain entry-level employment in a high-skill, high-wage jobs and/or to continue their education. For more information about each program offered at Abilene High please click on the links below.

Allen, Amy Instructor of Business Contact
Bruce, Les Instructor of Criminal JusticeContact
Carnes, Jeremy Instructor of Construction Contact
Kirby, Will Instructor of Automotive Contact
Lai, Amy Instructor of Child Guidance Contact
McAden, Jon Instructor of Electric Trades Contact
McMillion, Melissa Instructor of Health Science Contact
Mobbs, Opal Instructor of Career Prep Contact
O’Neil, Polly Instructor of Culinary Arts Contact
Richards, Kay Instructor of Agriculture Science Contact
Ross, Connie Instructor of Cosmetology Contact
Soto, Alicia       Instructor of Information Technology Contact
Stuteville, Brenda Instructor of Nutrition and Wellness Contact
Woodard, Holly Instructor of Education and Training Contact