• Overview:

    Communities In Schools of the Big Country (CIS) is a student success organization that provides student success coaching to help students improve their school performance in the areas of Attendance, Academics, and Behavior.  Our overall goal is to help every student achieve success in school to give them the proper foundation to succeed in college and build a successful career in life.    
    How It Works:
    We have a team of Student Success Coaches who work on school campuses to accomplish 5 objectives:
    (1)   BUILD relationships with students to assess their barriers to success
    (2)   PARTNER with school staff to help students navigate the barriers to their success
    (3)   COLLABORATE with students to create customized goals contracts
    (4)   CONNECT each student to various student supports designed to help them achieve their goals in the areas of ATTENDANCE, ACADEMICS, and BEHAVIOR
    (5)   MEASURE improvement outcomes for each student served
    Each year, we help approximately 1,000 students improve their school performance.  During the 2015-2016 School Year:
    • 79% of our students improved their ATTENDANCE performance
    • 85% of our students improved their ACADMEMIC performance
    • 91% of our students improved their BEHAVIOR performance
    • 97% of our students PROMOTED to the next grade level
    • 100% of our high school seniors successfully GRADUATED from high school
    We helped 8 students earn a collective total of $12,000 through NEXT University, our CAREER LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Program.
    Please visit our website at www.cisbigcountry.org to learn more about student success coaching and how you can help support our mission.


    *Student Supports are a combination of resources invested by Communities In Schools, local school districts, and external community partners to provide a “community of support” for helping students improve their school performance. 


    *Student Success Coaching is the process of helping students establish attendance, academic, and behavior goals, navigating the barriers to success as a student, and leveraging student supports to achieve these goals.