• Students who have, because of behavioral and social maladjustment, been unable to function in a more inclusive environment are served here.  An ARD committee, or collaborative parent and school committee, make recommendations for this program, when all other options have been attempted on the home campus. The focus of the program is on modification of target behaviors and teaching appropriate social skills. This is not a (DAEP) disciplinary program.  
    Formerly called Sam Houston, SAC provides an individualized academic and behavioral program for identified students. The goal of the program is in helping students change their negative behaviors and improve their social skills while maintaining academic progress.  Eventually we want students to return to their home school campuses and function successfully, either with or without special education support.
    The structured school environment allows the students to learn the rules, acceptable behavior,and consequences for their actions.  Because of safety issues, SAC has a lower pupil-staff ratio. The staff here is highly trained to handle explosive and crisis behaviors in a non-threatening manner. A behavior
    step and point system is used to reinforce appropriate school behaviors. Collaboration with outside agencies, other district programs,and parents make this a unique learning environment.