• Dyess Elementary School

    “One Team, One Mission, Every Child”


                                                              August 2016


    Dear Parents,


    Welcome to Dyess Elementary School.  We return with the highest hopes for a great and productive school year.  Dyess Elementary is named for Col. William E. Dyess a true American hero of World War II and a native of Albany, Texas. Abilene is fortunate to have a prominent United States Air Force Base located on its western edge.  Dyess Elementary School was built in 1957 outside the south gate of Dyess Air Force Base to serve the children and families stationed at the facility.  The families of Dyess Air Force Base are a vital part of Abilene and Dyess Elementary strives to provide an exemplary education for students as well as a link for military families to the community.  We are proud to serve both our military and non-military families. 
    We believe that every child can succeed and we expect our students to achieve a foundation of academic and social skills that will enable them to be productive and successful citizens.  It is our goal to help every student meet his or her academic potential and become responsible, self-disciplined individuals.  The defense of this country takes teamwork and so does the education of children.  Through your support and cooperation, parents and teachers working together can better achieve the goal of educating our children.
    Please be an active part of your child’s education.   Your visits to campus and suggestions are always welcome.  If we can serve you in any way, please contact our main office. 




    Michael E. Newton


    Michael E. Newton