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     Gifted Program

    Gifted and talented students at Dyess Elementary are offered a differentiated curriculum designed to provide academic challenges, critical thinking with in-depth complexity and creativity. Content in language arts, social studies, math, and science are presented with a greater depth and complexity, requiring higher-level thinking. Additionally, the math curriculum is accelerated to meet learner needs and enrichment challenges.The resource-cluster program is grounded in general education curriculum, but is differentiated, modified, and expanded to provide learning challenges to identified gifted students in grades K-5.


    ·   To provide an environment that encourages divergent thinking and supports the development of originality, fluency, flexibility and elaboration.

    ·   To develop critical thinking skills and complex problem solving strategies.

    ·   To develop confidence in expressing ideas in discussions, debates, expository writing and creative writing.

    ·   To advance the process of inquiry through the application of skills by investigating real life situations.

    ·   To provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills through positive group interaction.

    ·  To encourage a lifelong commitment to learning.

    This is a list of our Gifted and Talented teachers and their grade levels:
    Kindergarten - Mrs. Hodges 1st Grade - Mrs. Moody  2nd Grade - Mrs. Gregg  
    3rd Grade - Mrs. D. Sanders  4th Grade - Mrs. Martin  5th Grade - Mrs. Abila
     Rev. 8/1/15