Dyess Elementary has a certified Speech-Language Pathologist to assist your child with their speech and language needs. 

      Jennifer Walker

    Jennifer Walker, M.S.,CCC-SLP, provides speech therapy services to students identified as needing articulation, fluency, and/or language therapy to function more appropriately in their classroom and social settings. She also screens children who are possibly in need of speech therapy services through Abilene ISD and administers formal speech and language assessments to determine eligibility for services.

    Mrs. Walker is available on campus Monday-Friday, 7:45am-3:45pm. She can be reached at (325) 690-3795 x1880 or by email at jennifer.walker@abileneisd.org.

    If you are transferring to Dyess Elementary from another school district and currently receive speech therapy, please let us know. We will schedule a “Transfer meeting” to match the services your child is currently receiving.

    Mrs. Walker