What AHS PALS do!

    Teen Mentoring Initiative, a joint venture with Big Brothers Big Sisters, began in Abilene in 1997 and has expanded statewide. Each AHS PAL mentors to selected students at elementary schools throughout the school year.


    GOALS (Getting Others to Achieve Lifetime Success) 1st graders work with PALS to entrench the goal of high school graduation. GOALS is an effort of the AHS PALS to lessen the drop out rate in Abilene.


    Service projects are team efforts in which awesome work occurs. PALS select a non-profit organization to fill a specific or ongoing need. Food, fellowship, and work make these fun, memorable times for us.


    Adopt-an-Angel, a joint venture with the Salvation Army, has PALS supervising AHS students in providing Christmas for less fortunate youngsters.


    Training at Area Convention—the training we receive will serve us well in life after high school.


    Other PALS Activities:

    Autism Awareness


    Mentoring and service opportunities where we find them


    Sponsor:  Sarah Fambrough