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Fifth Grade




Welcome to the wonderful world of Fifth Grade!  This is an exciting time in the lives of our students as they prepare to enter middle school. Our students will enjoy many special events such as; the Planetarium, the NCCIL, and participation in a team-building ROPES course. Fifth graders also have the special honor and privilege of participating in Dyess’ very own “I Love America” program.

We provide technology based lessons including hands-on activities, labs, and experiments in order for students to learn through their own unique learning styles.  We gain a deeper understanding of place value, fractions, word problems with higher level thinking, as well as many other skills unique to fifth grade.  In science we discover how our environment interacts with each other and how energy is found all around us!  We “travel” through our solar system and learn how the sun, moon, and structure of our Earth affect our environment.  We will develop our reading skills as we analyze the various elements of a story and how we relate this information to our reading comprehension in all subject areas.

We excitedly look forward to a very productive and exciting time in fifth grade as we observe our students grow and flourish both physically and academically. We strive for success and provide a great learning environment for all our students!!!

Mrs. Abila, Miss Hendrix, Mrs. Manning, and Ms. Sanders