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Fourth Grade

4th Grade

Dyess Jets fourth graders expand their worlds with abundant learning opportunities throughout the school year.  Their classrooms are equipped with Promethean Boards and document cameras to enhance student-centered learning.

– Mastered math facts serve as their springboard for gaining confidence in solving long division and two-digit-by-two-digit multiplication problems.  The students also engage in solving math word problems in order to appreciate real world applications.

– Students diligently work toward reinforcing their critical thinking skills through exploring age-appropriate literary genres while developing a life-long love for reading.  They become immersed in the writing process as they prepare for STAAR testing.

–  In addition to learning about earth sciences and performing classroom experiments, a favorite undertaking is the “Animals Project.”  Each fourth grader researches and creates an animal from recycled objects and papier-mâché.

– Social Studies takes them through the lands in what is now Texas.  They learn about natural regions, local geography, and the early settlers who chose Texas as their home.

– Finally, the lives of Dyess Jets fourth graders are enriched further with field trips to enjoy “The Nutcracker,” Abilene Philharmonic, West Texas Book Fair authors, the NCCIL, and “Kids, Kows, and More. 


Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Crawford, and Mrs. Martinez