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Fourth Grade

4th Grade

4th graders expand their knowledge of the world with abundant learning opportunities throughout the school year!

Math: Students will learn many important skills this year, including long division and 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication.

Reading/Writing: Students diligently work toward reinforcing critical thinking skills through exploring age-appropriate literary genres while developing a lifelong love for reading.

Science: In addition to learning about earth sciences and performing classroom experiments, a favorite undertaking is an animals project. Each 4th grade student will research and create an animal from recycled objects and papier-mâché!

Social Studies: We will explore the land that is now known as Texas! We will learn about natural regions, local geography and the early settlers who chose Texas as their home.

Finally, students will also participate in several field trips, including “The Nutcracker” ballet, Abilene Philharmonic concert, the NCCIL and “Kids, Kows and More.” 

Thank you!

Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Martinez