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Lighthouse Team 2019-2020 LIGHTHOUSE TEAM

The purpose of the Lighthouse Team is to promote The Leader in Me model inside the school so that it stays strong and vibrant year after year. They are the champions of the process. They are called the Lighthouse Team because they coordinate the school-wide work needed to achieve and maintain Lighthouse status. The Lighthouse Team consists of staff members with diverse yet complimentary leadership strengths.

Here at Dyess Elementary, we have a great Lighthouse Team, they are as follows:

                Mrs. Hendricks             Miss Egbert                 
                Miss Daugherty            Mrs. Timpner              
                Miss Macke                   Mrs. Cranor                 
                Miss Hendrix                Mrs. Membrila             
                Mr. Owens                    Ms. Neal

Responsibilities of the Lighthouse Team:

1. Orient new staff to The Leader in Me process and ensure they are trained in the 7 Habits.
2. Provide ongoing staff development around The Leader in Me.
3. Own the School-wide Implementation Plan.