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Hello, my name is Mrs. Membrila. I teach Tech Lab at the new Dyess Elementary campus. This is my 16th year teaching computer at Dyess and I love it… I want to get the students as excited about technology as I am!

I teach K-5 and Special Ed. students. I see all students for 50 minutes once a week. We now have HP and Dell Chromebooks that we use with Google apps, and internet websites, to produce great projects. We also do Learning.com lessons to teach Technology TEKS to all the grade levels. The students also utilize the internet for researching subjects they are working on or even for educational games to reinforce their knowledge of a particular area of their curriculum. Additionally, students work with augmented reality/virtual reality, coding, and do a variety of STEM projects.

Students love Tech Lab! I look forward to another great year of learning…

Mrs. Membrila