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Valentine Banquet
A couple enjoying the Valentine Banquet
Thank you Olive Garden for donating food for our Valentine Banquet!
Community Helper Day

Community Helper Day

We love the Wrecker
Thank you for visiting the Early Childhood Programs website. Our goal is to provide an excellent education to every child attending one of our programs so that each child leaves “School Ready.” As you visit our website and learn more about our schools and programs, we hope you will gain an understanding of the many opportunities the early childhood programs offer to the children and families of our community. Our talented and dedicated staff is committed to providing young children and families with high quality services that will lead them to academic and personal success. We invite you to visit our award winning centers at any time.

In response to the Covid 19 epidemic, our school will be closed for the rest of this school year.  We are missing each and every one of you!!!   We wish you well for the coming months and hope you all stay well!  If you are interested in your child attending Long next year, please watch our Face Book page and/or the registration link on this website for information on registration for next year. 

    Temper Tantrums can be frustrating for any parent. The core skill that will help you through a temper tantrum is keeping your cool. Next, treat them as opportunities to teach a new skill. Learning to deal with frustration is a skill that children gain over time. If your child struggles with loss of self-control when the world doesn’t go his/her way please take a few minutes to watch this short 7 minute video to learn a new technique.


    The first step in any discipline encounter is to take a deep, calming breath. Three deep breaths shut off the fight or flight response in the body. This will give your brain the oxygen it needs to make a safe choice. If you are upset when entering into an upset situation with your child you will not be able to make an impact on their behavior. This active calming technique is an essential component of emotional health. Teach children to S.T.A.R.: Smile, Take a deep breath And Relax. S.T.A.R. is one of four core breathing techniques in Conscious Discipline. The other techniques are Drain, Balloon and Pretzel. Download and print free icons for all four in our Resources section of the Conscious Discipline website (

    As always, We Wish You Well!

    Chris Krause & Sierra Greenwood

    School Counselors


    Please click the link below for more information on managing behavior!!

    sped_task_force_managing_behavior_lea_checklist_april_14 (002)sped_task_force_managing_behavior_lea_checklist_april_14 (002)


    Tips for Families - English   Tips for Families - Spanish


    Hi Friends!


    The We Care Basket provides a way to express caring and empathy for others. Practicing using the “We Care Basket” teaches your child the skill of empathy. Watch this short video and consider taking a We Care Basket outside with you to soothe boo-boos. The basket is filled with things like minor first aid items (Band-Aids, wet wipes, hand sanitizer), card-making supplies (paper, crayons, sentence starters), and a stuffed animal for cuddling.


    We wish you well,

    Sierra Greenwood and Chris Krause

    School Counselors


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