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Center Committees & Parent Policy Council

Our programs are designed around a shared decision making model and parent input and involvement are important to all aspects of our program. Parent representatives are elected from all classrooms at each center to serve on the Center Parent Committees, however, all parents are considered to be members of the center committee and are encouraged to attend the meetings. Parent Committee meetings are held in conjunction with parent training meetings. Representatives are also elected from the classroom representatives to serve on the Parent Policy Council that represents the program as a whole. The Policy Council gives input and makes governance decisions about very important issues facing our program including curriculum, planning, budgeting and staffing. These decisions are then forwarded to the School Board for further action. Talk to your child’s teacher to see how you can get involved! At times, parents are asked to participate in the Health Services Advisory Committee meetings which meet twice a year to discuss health issues that may concern the children we serve.

Policy Council Documents