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Parents and others family members are always welcome to visit the centers. We believe that parents are a child’s most important teachers. Parents are encouraged to volunteer any time after the first 2 weeks of school. All parents are encouraged to become fully engaged in the program in a variety of ways. For instance, you may:

  • Observe your child’s classroom at any time
  • Have input into your child’s daily experience by identifying specific goals and objectives for your child
  • Volunteer in the classroom or in other parts of the program
  • Encourage friends and other family members to share their time and talents and get work experience by volunteering in the program

By visiting and volunteering, you can gain a deeper understanding of your child and the program, gain many new experiences, and give something back to the program. When parents volunteer, their time may be counted as part of the local “match” required to receive funding to run the program.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer must receive the Volunteer Orientation prior to volunteering at any center. If a person is not able to attend the Volunteer Orientation they must be oriented by a Family Services staff member prior to volunteering at any center.  Feel free to volunteer often and to be very involved in your child’s classroom. All parent interest inventories will be reviewed and parents will be placed in a volunteer position suited to their talents and interests. If your presence in the classroom is disruptive for your child, you may be asked to volunteer in another area or classroom. We will work with you in finding just the right spot! Our program really benefits from volunteer hours! Not only do the children enjoy the time and attention of another adult; we also get a “monetary” benefit for every hour you give. When you do volunteer, remember to sign in at the classroom on a Volunteer Service Record so that your time can be counted! Contact your child’s teacher or Family Advocate to see how you can help!