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Early Head Start (EHS)

The Early Head Start Program is a part of the Head Start Program under the umbrella of AISD Early Childhood Programs. The EHS Program provides care for infants and toddlers (birth to age 3) of students enrolled in AISD as well as some community parents whose families and/or children are determined to be at-risk and meet eligibility guidelines. Early Head Start is not a “daycare” program, but does provide child care, social-emotional skills development, and academic training to the children who participate. Case management and support services are provided for all EHS families and children. Those services include, but are not limited to health services, nutrition services, mental health services, services for children with disabilities, transportation, instruction in parenting/child development/ home and family living/job readiness training and case management. All EHS children of AISD students are also enrolled in AISD. EHS services are discussed with all students who participate in the PRS program. The initial intake is the usual point at which EHS services are first discussed with the student. EHS applications are completed at that time, when appropriate. However, information concerning the EHS program is available to students and parents of students by contacting Whendy Lee (Phone: 325-690-3770, Ext. 1549; Email:

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