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Preschool Program for Children With Disabilities (PPCD)

PPCD (Pre-School Program for Children with Disabilities) is a special education program for three-to-five year old children who have been professionally diagnosed as having a disability resulting in educational needs as defined by the Texas Education Agency. Approximately 50-60 children are currently being served. Children that are diagnosed as being visually impaired, or hearing impaired may be served from birth. Curriculum for these classes is based on the general education curriculum and the individually determined needs of each student. Many PPCD students are mainstreamed for a part of the day into a Head Start classroom to allow them to learn and socialize with typically developing peers in the least restrictive environment in which their needs can be met. Others are served in full inclusion classrooms where they are learning with typically developing peers all day. Placement decisions are made by the Admission, Review, and Dismissal Committee, the membership of which includes the parent. Participation in Kids Learning Together teams provide additional opportunities for the partial inclusion of all students with disabilities into general education settings.
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