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Prologic TEAMS Information

Program Rights and Access

Formspace If you are need of additional access to the TEAMS system please have your supervisor submit a request to add program rights in Eduphoria. Some of the features of the legacy system (our previous system) are not available or function very differently in TEAMS. In addition, access to information is much more compartmentalized than in the legacy system to protect the privacy of students and staff information.


Technology Support

AISD 411 Direct support is available by submitting a 411 technology support ticket. Teachers may contact Georgette Sharp at extension 1102 with questions regarding gradebook, attendance, and discipline referrals.


TEAMS User Guides and Tutorials

Below are the direct links to two websites provided by TEAMS.  The first provides access to all of their user guides and documents.  The second provides visual presentations and video training.

  1. User Guides are available on the Prologic/TEAMS Website:
    user name: docs
    password: Prologic.DOCS
  2. Computer Based Tutorials are available at:
    user id: cbt
    password: TeamsCBT