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Students who have been removed from their campuses for serious disciplinary offenses are assigned here, and may serve anywhere from  5 to 30 days. Students remain enrolled on their home campuses and their regular teachers send assignments.


The RAC hours are 8:30-3:30 with the door opening at 8:00.

Students are scanned upon entering the building for prohibited items, and remain in one classroom all day with no transitions and strict supervision. Parents and students are given a copy of the RAC rules when assigned and they do an intake/testing with our RAC Lead Teacher before being assigned to a room. Students complete work provided by their regular teachers and receive help as needed from RAC staff. A Special Education teacher is available, and computers are assessable to students for completion of assignments. Transportation is provided by parents.

While assigned to the RAC, students cannot be on any other AISD campus including their home campus.