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Beginning Monday, March 30, Lee Elementary will have breakfast and lunch available. Please see the “Breakfast and Lunch Availability” under Quick Links (under AISD Online Learning link) for details.

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Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Our school, community, and city are facing challenges associated with the COVID-19 virus, challenges that have never been faced before.  I want to thank you for the way you have responded with kindness and understanding.

I want to remind you that resources are in place to ensure that learning continues for your child, even though it is not within the walls of Lee Elementary. You can go to the Abilene ISD homepage and follow the Online Learning links to find lessons and information. If you have questions you can call 794-AISD and receive help. You may also email your child’s teacher if you have further questions.

Please follow the lessons to continue building a strong mind. Respond to the challenges (long lines, impatient people, etc.) with kind hearts and helping hands. And follow the health precautions to be safe and healthy. We love you and miss you. Please let us know if we can be of help to you.


Andy Blessing

Robert E Lee Elementary sits on the corner of North 10th and Pioneer Drive, adjacent to the Lee Athletic Complex. Lee serves a diverse population of approximately 450 students. Built in 1961, Lee was later expanded to its current layout.

We are dedicated to providing an excellent education for our students. We are also dedicated to teaching the virtues necessary for students’ success, enabling them to make a positive contribution to our country through things such as honesty, respect, and pride in a job well-done. We realize that family, community, church, and school all play a part in a child’s education.

Lee is the elementary Newcomer Center Campus. That means that first through fifth-grade students who are new to the United States and Abilene will attend Lee Elementary for their first year of schooling. It is a privilege to play a role in these students’ first impression of the United States, and we welcome them with open arms! We invite everyone to come and see the wonderful things that are happening at Lee Elementary.

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