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Lee Elementary
Welcome Back to School!
Lee Lions

Robert E Lee Elementary sits on the corner of North 10th and Pioneer Drive, adjacent to Lee Athletic Complex. Lee serves a diverse population of approximately 450 students. Lee was built in 1961, and an expansion was added later.

We are dedicated to providing an excellent academic education. We are also dedicated to teaching virtues necessary to be successful and to make a positive contribution to our country-things like honesty, respect, and pride in a job well done. We realize that family, community, church and school all play a part in a child’s education.

Lee is the elementary Newcomer Center Campus. That means that first through fifth grade students who are new to the United States and Abilene will attend Lee Elementary for their first year of school. It is a privilege to get to play a role in a student’s first impression of the United States, and we welcome them with open arms!

We welcome anyone to come and see the wonderful things that are happening at Lee Elementary.

Parent Registration for 2018-2019 is online at


Wednesday, August 22, 2018 will be the first day of school for the 2018-2019 school year


For this school year our goal was to raise $1000.00. We made $494.00 The money we raise goes towards our student fund, where we buy things the students need at school. Thank you for all of your help. Please continue to save the box tops over the summer and bring them to school when school starts back in August.

Mrs. Perez will be the Box Tops Coordinatior next year. 

We will now start saving for the next turn in date, which is in October.


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Upcoming Events

  1. 5:00 pm
    Meet The Teacher Night (click here for more info)

  2. 7:40 am
    First Day of School

  3. 12:00 am
    Labor Day – No School

  4. 5:30 pm
    Open House

  5. 12:00 am
    Columbus Day – No School