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The Abilene ISD has two traditional high schools, a STEM academy high school, a medical magnet program and an alternative high school for at-risk students. AISD is also home to four middle schools, 13 elementary schools, one alternative placement campus, one adult education center and two early childhood programs.

Statewide, districts did not receive new accountability ratings for the 2019-20 or 2020-21 school years because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2018-19 – the last year the state assigned accountability ratings – the Abilene ISD received an overall “B” grade of 85 for the second straight academic year. Nine campuses received a total of 22 Distinction Designations for Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Student Progress, Closing Performance Gaps and Post-Secondary Readiness, including ATEMS collecting all seven distinctions. In the fall of 2021, Brooke Garduno and Harrison Smith from Abilene High School and Frank Fang from ATEMS were honored as National Merit Commended Scholars.

Abilene ISD’s ethnic composition is 46% Hispanic, 35% Anglo, 13% African American, 4% two or more races, and 1.6% Asian/Pacific Islander/American Indian. Approximately 65% of students in Abilene ISD are economically disadvantaged.

Abilene ISD covers approximately 106 square miles in Taylor and Jones counties.

Approximately 15,420 students are enrolled in Abilene ISD.

The total tax rate supporting the 2021-22 budget is $1.2784 per $100 assessed value, a drop from the tax rate of $1.2914 per $100 assessed value that supported the 2020-21 budget. The Maintenance & Operations rate will be $0.9249 (down from $0.9642 in 2020-21) and Interest & Sinking rate will be $0.3535 (up slightly from 2020-21 when it was $0.3272).

Abilene ISD employs nearly 2,600 public servants dedicated to the district’s educational mission, more than 80 percent of whom work directly with students daily.

In August 2021, the AISD Board of Trustees approved an increase in first-year teacher salaries to $49,000 per year, the highest first-year salary in the area and one of the highest in West Texas. Employees received raises throughout the district, and many earned stipends for service during the pandemic.


Strategic Priorities

  • Make classrooms more meaningful and relevant for students and teachers.
  • Develop a culture, climate and environment that values collaboration.
  • Build partnerships with local business and organizations.
  • Tell the AISD stories of inspiration, success and opportunity to the community, parents and staff.
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Our Mission

The Mission of the Abilene Independent School District is to provide exceptional educational opportunities in an environment that will produce graduates with the skills necessary to become productive, responsible citizens.