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Fourth Grade

Our team is dedicated and are exposing our students to new experiences through our curriculum.

Fourth graders participate in activities that enhance their classroom experience by visiting Frontier Texas, The Nutcracker, Philharmonic, Abilene Zoo, Buffalo Gap Historic Village and Kids, Kows and More.

We offer many opportunities for your child to be successful such as before and after school tutorials.  Volunteers work in the classroom to give one-on-one attention to struggling learners.  We are preparing students to compete for jobs that have not been created on a national and global level.

We are all working together for your child’s success.  We need each of you to encourage your child at home by helping to ensure that assignments are completed, help them study for tests and make up any assignments.

Attendance is critical to a successful year and we want to see our Jaguars every day!

It takes a village – it takes all of us raise a child today.