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Doreen LangfordMrs. Doreen Langford is our parent coordinator who is also our attendance clerk for Reagan Elementary. If your child is absent, you will receive a phone call from Mrs. Langford as well as your child’s teacher concerning the absence.

Our goal at Reagan Elementary is to have 97% or above attendance. We cannot reach that goal without the help of our parents. We need parents to make sure students are at school every day that they are well. Students are rewarded for perfect attendance for the semester and for the year. Classes that have a perfect attendance week are also rewarded with special treats such as donuts, pizza, extra recess, etc. the following Monday.
It is imperative that students are in class every day to receive the instruction they need to be successful. Please help us ensure that your children are receiving the foundational academic skills they need to be successful in the next grade level as well as in middle school, high school, and beyond.
Contact Information:
If you have a student who has chronic abstenteeism, then you will be receiving a phone call or home visit from:
Mr. Tom Enloe
Student Attendance Officer for Reagan Elementary