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Hello! Welcome to Mrs. Murrow’s music class here at Reagan Elementary!  Our class time within grades K-5 are filled with movement, instrument playing, grade level concert preparation, and fun.  Grades K-2 focus on experiencing comparatives such as high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow, as well as developing tuneful singing, and moving to the beat.  Second grade prepares and performs a Christmas concert each year as well.  Grades 3rd-5th expand on their previous knowledge, through rhythm reading and playing on drums and other percussion, and 4th and 5th  have a recorder unit in the spring that prepares them for the possibility of joining band in middle school.  3rd grade annually prepares a grade level concert in the Spring, further developing their vocal performance abilities.   I believe every child deserves experiences in music that they can carry with them, creating successful, empathetic, and mindful members of society who work with others well.