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Welcome to Taylor Elementary! My name is Melissa Beyer.  I attended Taylor, Franklin and Abilene High schools.  I received my B.S. in Education at Texas Tech and M.Ed. In school counseling. I have been a teacher since 1988 and counselor since 2001.
When I went to Taylor, it was a great place to learn and be a student. It is now a privilege to be part of the wonderful staff as the school counselor. My three children were also Taylor Trojans, and we invited their dad to be an honorary Taylor Trojan. Taylor is a place of timeless traditions.
Guidance and Counseling Roles:
  1. Individual Counseling for students who need help at school
  2. Group Counseling for specific topics as friendship skills, getting prepared for middle school, and self esteem groups
  3. Classroom Guidance which are lessons teaching the students Character Education topics such as kindness and fairness,
  4. Referrals to Special Education
  5. 504 Coordinator
  6. Big Brothers and Big Sisters Lunch
  7. Career Discovery
The most important trait that I hope we can teach our students, “Be the best you can be!”

Melissa Beyer

Melissa Beyer
325-671-4970 ext 2