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herweckWelcome to the Taylor Clinic Website!

I am Elaine Herweck and proud to be the Taylor School Nurse.  I have been a nurse for many years, mostly working in a hospital setting.  I came to Taylor from working  at Hendrick on a Medical-Surgical floor.

My responsibilities at Taylor consist of promoting and maintaining the wellness of the faculty and students.  Some of the ways this is done is by keeping immunizations up to date, conducting state mandated screening, referral and follow up in the areas of dental, vision, hearing, growth and development, and scoliosis.  I dispense medications, either daily or as needed and various treatments as the children might need them.  I also provide minor and emergency first aid if needed.  I work closely with the teachers, parents, doctors, and the Health Dept. in order to provide the best care I can for your children.

I love my job here at Taylor.  My door is always open to you and I welcome your calls and concerns and suggestions.  I want to help you and your child in any way I can, so please call me, come by, or click on the email button and let me know what I can do for your child.

671-4970 ext 1169