Frequently Asked Questions

What is at The LIFT Center?

Both district-wide Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study and ATEMS will be housed at The LIFT Center.

Who can take CTE courses at The LIFT Center?

Students from all AISD high schools. A variety of programs will be available. Meet with your school counselor to help you identify programs of interest.

How will students be transported to The LIFT Center?

Both Abilene High and Cooper will have bus shuttles to transport students to and from classes offered at The LIFT Center. With appropriately documented parent permission, students will be allowed to drive their own vehicles.

What does the acronym LIFT represent?

Leadership & Innovation in Future Technologies

Who can I contact if I have more questions about The LIFT Center?

Your Abilene ISD school counselor

Lucille Fullen, Director of CTE | 325.677.1444 x 7060 |

Jay Ashby, Director of The LIFT | 325.677.1444 x 1596 |

Take Charge, Take Advantage, Take the LIFT

Create your future on a campus with access to innovative technologies and collaborate with other students to gain experience in programs that you are interested in. Whether you plan to move immediately into the workforce or continue with a technical school or university, the LIFT can help you...