Cindy Hay

Website: cindy.hay

Welcome Thomas Texans! We extend a special, yearlong invitation to our families to join us at school activities and events whenever possible. We want and value your involvement and support in your child’s education! Your active participation is key to the success of your Thomas Texan during his/her elementary school years. Attendance is also very important. We want your child at school every day in order to help meet their educational needs. Parents, please help us at home by stressing the importance of being at school!! We appreciate your help and support in this area! Thomas students have done an amazing job acclimating to our new safety procedures implemented at the beginning of the year. We appreciate the parental support as we do everything we can to make school a safe but normal learning environment. Thomas Elementary is beginning their 7th year with The Leader in Me. We received Leader in Me’s “Lighthouse” status two years ago last spring. We will continue to grow a leadership culture on campus and will be involving home and community as well. Thomas continues to use Safe & Civil School’s classroom management plan. Your child learns to “CHAMP” each activity in the classroom. C = conversation H = help A = activity M = movement P = participation Our Campus Behavior Coordinator is our principal, Cindy Hay.