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Fifth Grade

Thomas 5thWelcome!

At Thomas our fifth grade students are in a transitional year, preparing to enter the world of middle school. There are activities throughout the year that are intended specifically for fifth grade. One of the highlights of the year is participation in “Thomasville,” a market set up within the school where all eligible students can use Accelerated Reader points toward prizes. Our fifth graders apply for jobs at Thomasville in order to be merchants at several different “stores” that are sponsored by various community businesses. Students must interview and be selected for specific positions. We are also involved in a spelling bee and art classes with the Grace Museum.

In science, we are exploring concepts in physical, earth, and life sciences. In math, we will further our knowledge of multiplication and division, working with fractions and concepts of perimeter, volume and area. In Language Arts, we will explore different genres of literature and continue to develop concepts of grammar. We will build on what we have been taught in previous years to prepare for this year’s STAAR test, which will be given in the spring.

We have an exciting year ahead of us!