Hoots and hollers, the rattling of noise-makers, a whole lot of laughter and cheers, along with a handful of happy tears are just some of the things you may witness on Prize Parade Days.

The Abilene Education Foundation, accompanied by AEF board members and members of the school board, once again marched through the halls of Abilene ISD campuses on Sept. 18-19, awarding unsuspecting – yet hopeful – teachers with STAR (Supporting Teachers with Academic Resources) Teacher Grants.

AEF awards STAR Teacher Grants (up to $1000) each September to deserving teachers, based on grant proposals submitted during the summer, for a wide array of projects – from I-pads and technology, to flexible seating options, to incentives designed to reward classroom attendance.

Grants are read, evaluated, and ranked (blindly) by a panel of readers. This year was a particularly competitive year, as AEF received an impressive 145 applications. Of those, AEF was able to award 72 grants to 96 teachers across 22 campuses, totaling a little over $55,000 in funds to support curriculum and classroom enrichment.

The awards come with thanks, in large part, to employee participation in AEF’s annual Payroll Deduction Campaign, AEF’s annual fundraiser Cajun Fest, and with matching funds from Greathouse Foundation and Priceless-Literacy.

Name of Grant Campus Teacher Name
2018-2019 STAR Teacher Grant Abilene High School Kaplinski, Daniel
Access Tech Abilene High School Rifenburgh, April
Stand and Learn Abilene High School Jordan, Jennifer
Production in the Millenium Abilene High School Martin, Kyle
Cosmetology Abilene High School Ross, Connie
Green Chemistry Abilene High School Mayberry, Kathy
Abilene High School XY-Zone Program Abilene High School Hansley, Erica
Abilene High Pregnancy Stimulator Abilene High School Roberson, Sheila
Poetry, Coffee, and Technology ATEMS High School Hope, Margaret
Engineering Instant Challenge ATEMS High School Stanley, Allison
TI-Innovator Rover – STEM Connections Through Robotics ATEMS High School Haney, Larry
Astronomy Challenge Club ATEMS High School Spitler, Jessi
Have a Ball Finding your Voice in Class Austin Elementary Vandever, Susan
Lunch Bunch Austin Elementary Dooley, Christina
Growing Fourth Grade Leaders Austin Elementary McKillip, Madison
Bassetti Garden Project Bassetti Elementary McRoy, Patricia
Excavating Growth in the Past, present, and Future Bonham Elementary Corbett, Teri Lyn
I can’t do it…YET Bonham Elementary Gruenwald, Sheryll
Portal to Purposeful Literacy Bonham Elementary Chastang, Nicole
Social and Emotional Learning Bonham Elementary Zamora, Ramon
Putting Writing First in First Bowie Elementary Tucker, Kathy
Scope It! Bowie Elementary Walker, Jana
Pencil to Pixels Clack Middle School Obosky, Jaclyn
Clack Middle School Never Been Absent Program Clack Middle School Alexander, Lawrence
Science Break Out Clack Middle School Haney, Mary
“Real Life” Mentors Making a Difference Clack Middle School Jackson, LaKisha
Racing to Success: A high school STEM Project Cooper High School Whitlock, Scott
Cooper High School XY-Zone Program Cooper High School Cunningham, Joe
Shaken Baby, Shattered Dreams Cooper High School Ward, Keely
Lights! Cameria! Teach! Cooper High School Barber, Cheryl
Art A-Round the Campus: Celebrating Unity Through a Campus-Wide Art Project Cooper High School Griffith, Sherry
Beautify Cooper High School with a Gardening Project Cooper High School Hamilton, Julie
Cooper FCS is on the Bus! Cooper High School Ward, Keely
Abilene Education Foundation STAR Teacher Grant Cooper High School McAnally, Laurie
What’s My Genotype? – Determining a Student’s Personal Genotype with PCR Cooper High School Green, Beth
Social Studies Student of the Month Craig Middle School Lubin, Marquietta
Broadening Horizons: Making Math Digital & Bringing the World of Math to our Students Craig Middle School Holloway, William
How do you get two oboes to play in tune? Craig Middle School Winner, Gary
Light me up, Buttercup! Craig Middle School Jordan, Amber
You want me to sit where??? Craig Middle School Wilson, Tina
Hey! Are You Listening!?!? Dyess Elementary Liddell, Jessica
The Marcus Moment Holland Medical High School Turnbull, Kim
“Manipulating” Math to Make Math-terpieces! Jackson Elementary Miles, Tanya
But…where’s MY face? Jackson Elementary Green, Richard
All Ears on Deck! Johnston Elementary Frank, Taylor
Let the Games Begin! Lee Elementary Moser, Mallory
Tiggly…meaningful play with technology and manipulatives Long Early Childhood Boos, Zyanya
Caring Carts For The Long Haul Long Early Childhood Jones, Rebecca
Uniting Kids The Brain Smart Way Long Early Childhood Jones, Rebecca
The Hungry Caterpillar Garden Long Early Childhood Liggins, Vicki
Fill’er up and keep us moving! Long Early Childhood Turner, Linda
Mann Middle School Never Been Absent Program Mann Middle School Tollett, Alana
Lunch Bunch Part Deux Mann Middle School Smith, Melinda
The “Wonder” of Novel Studies Mann Middle School Roberts, Lindie
Guided Reading Stations Martinez Elementary Pittman, Meredith
We’ve Got Spirit!! Martinez Elementary Morales, Yolanda
Readers, Writers and Leaders, Oh My! Martinez Elementary Deckman, Dana
Ooh, Ooh!! Pick me, pick me!! Ortiz Elementary Nelson, Tara
Chromebooks: Learning Unplugged! Ortiz Elementary Wills, Geraldine
DASH Robots for Teaching Kindergarten Concepts, Coding, and Beyond! Reagan Elementary Luckenbaugh, Kristi
4th grade is breaking out of routine with Breakout EDU boxes Reagan Elementary Hajri, Veronica
Oh, The Places We’ll Go! Reagan Elementary Hammack, Marsha
21st Century Classroom for Engaging and Healthy Scholars Taylor Elementary Kenley, Angelina
Technology for the Future Leaders of the World Taylor Elementary Mize, McKenzy
Exploring the World of STEM Thomas Elementary Allred, Chaney
Technology: “Our Weapon of Math Instruction” Thomas Elementary Arick, Amy
Student-Curated Classroom Library Thomas Elementary Condra, Katherine
Future Farmers of Thomas Elementary Thomas Elementary Coffman, Tabitha
Building a Listening Center Today, Building a Stronger Reader Tomorrow Ward Elementary Hefner, Allison
Secret Stories – 1st Grade Phonics Ward Elementary Clark, Mindy
Young Audiences’ Arts After School at Ward – Movement and Dance Ward Elementary Walker, Billie
Uke Can Do It! Ward Elementary Burns, Elizabeth