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Senior Events 2019

Pre-AP Geometry Summer Packet 2019

Summer Packet Questions (Pre-AP Geometry)



For information regarding upcoming Senior Events for the class of 2019, click on the link below:

Senior Events 2019

Good morning, ATEMS.  Today is Friday, May 17, 2019. 

The Card o’ the Day is the Six of Hearts.  The following students chose that card:


















Conference USA





PAC 12








After today, there are 5 days of school left.  

Our CHAMPS focus this week is “No Hats Please” – Remind students to take off their hats, hoodies, knit caps, and toboggans when they enter the building.

All students report to their Advisory class Monday morning for transport to CHS for the Awards assembly.  This includes students who are off campus during 1st period at either Cooper or Abilene High.

There is a mandatory Senior meeting in the conference room today during study hall.  Change in plans . . . ALL Seniors will report to their Advisory class at the beginning of lunch, check in for attendance, then go to the conference room for our meeting.   Upon conclusion of the meeting, students who are attending the Baccalaureate ceremony practice will be allowed to leave campus.  Those who are not attending Baccalaureate will remain on campus and be expected to attend all afternoon classes. Senior level Study Hall teachers will need to help monitor the cafeteria/courtyard while the Seniors are at the meeting.

Saturday School is scheduled for this Saturday, May the 18th.  You will be contacted by Mrs. Yates if you are required to attend.  Don’t forget, your credits are at stake.

Students who have checked out textbooks should return those to the appropriate teacher before Friday, May 17th.  Failure to return those textbooks will result in a hold being placed on your student account.   Seniors, that means you will not receive your diploma.

Volunteer Activities:


From Robbie Burleson with the Abilene Zoo:

Zoolute is coming up on Saturday, May 18 at the Abilene Zoo.  Free Admission to all active, veterans and retired military and their families.  Activities include free food, music, bounce houses and more. We need volunteers to help us, so we can provide the best experience possible for the guests.  Sign Up Here to volunteer for Zoolute.  This is a new volunteer software, and you will need to create an account.  

Book Sale

The Friends of the Public Library will have a book sale from Thursday, June 13th through Sunday, June 16th and they are looking for volunteers.  Please see Mrs. Nall if you are interested in signing up for this activity.

Flag Laying Ceremony

The Texas State Veterans Cemetery at Abilene will host a Flag Laying ceremony from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. on May 24.  This would be an excellent service opportunity. We invite members of the community to assist with the placing of the flags on each grave and columbarium at the Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Abilene.

Summer school information is now available.  Please see Mrs. Nall for an information bulletin and registration papers.  If you know you are going to fail a class, you need to come and get the paperwork so you can register early.  If you do not, you will HAVE TO register at Cooper High School on May 30th.

Khan Academy has announced the Breakthrough Junior Challenge for 2019.  CHALLENGE

You get it. You’ve grasped an important scientific theory, concept or principle.

Now can you share your insight?

An inventive video can get across complex material that would take pages of text to communicate.

To take part in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge (the “Challenge”), create a short video (3:00 minutes max) to explain a big idea in one of these fields:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences

Your film can take any form you like: animation, talking head, documentary, dramatic reconstruction, whatever. It’s worth keeping in mind that video is a dynamic visual medium – using diagrams, simulations, physical demonstrations etc. is a lot more effective than standing in front of a blackboard talking.

The videos will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Engagement
  • Illumination
  • Creativity
  • Difficulty

If you’re looking for guidance, you can see some of last year’s top-scoring entries here and below. But remember, to show ‘creativity’ your film should be as original as possible.

Any student taking dual credit next year with Angelo State, whether it is English or Biology, has to have forms filled out and turned in by Monday, May 20th.  This is also for those of you that are in DC English 3 this year.

STARS will be giving out birthday cupcakes today. If you have either a May, June, or July birthday, you may come by the cafeteria after school today to pick up your cupcake. If you are attending baccalaureate practice or are off campus 7th period, you may pick up your cupcake in Ms. Angell’s room before leaving campus.

Semester Exam Schedule

Spring, 2019

Wednesday, May 22nd    

8:15-9:02 1st Period (47 min)

9:07-9:56 2nd Period  (49 min for announcements)

10:01-10:48 3rd Period (47 min)

10:53-11:40 4th Period (47 min)

11:40-12:40 Mega Lunch

12:45-1:30 5th Period (45 min)

1:35-2:20 6th Period (45 min)

2:25-3:40 7th Period   (Semester Exam) 75 min

Thursday, May 23rd      

8:15-9:00 1st Period  (45 min)

9:05-9:50 2nd  Period (45 min)

9:55-10:40 3rd  Period (45 min)

10:45-12:00 4th Period (Semester Exam) 75 min

12:00-1:00 Mega Lunch

1:05-2:20 5th Period (Semester Exam) 75 min

2:25-3:40 6th Period (Semester Exam) 75 min

Friday, May 24th    (ERD)

8:15-9:40 1st Period (Semester Exam) 80 min./time for announcements

9:45-11:05 2nd Period (Semester Exam) 80 min.

11:05-12:05 Mega Lunch

12:10-1:30 3rd Period (Semester Exam) 80 min

Students, final exam exemption letters were distributed to you on Wednesday.  You have until today to get signatures from your teachers and decide from which classes you will choose to be exempt.  These exemptions letters should be turned in to your Advisory teacher. Do not let students out of class to get teacher signatures.  

Juniors and Seniors remember to pick up your off-campus permission forms if you wish to leave campus during your exempted testing period.  You must have another form for this semester.  

Everyone needs to remember that during finals (whether you are exempt or not), you must still check in to ALL OF YOUR CLASSES for attendance purposes.  Then, if you are exempt, you may leave and go to the appropriate holding areas. Juniors and Seniors, if you wish to go off campus during your exemptions, you must have permission paperwork filled out through Mrs. Yates.  Additionally, if you are late coming back for a class, this privilege will be revoked.

Remember the criteria for being exempt from your tests:

Number of Allowed Exemptions

Eligibility Requirements


2 courses


3 courses


4 courses


5 courses in the Fall

All in the Spring

    1.  No more than the following number of state reported absences     (excused or unexcused) during the semester:

   ·    90+ Average in the class = 2 absences

   ·    80+ Average in the class = 1 absence

   ·    75+ Average in the class = 0 absences

    2.  No ISS/OSS for the current semester.

    3.  No DAEP for any semester (excluding carryover).


Last Week of School Activities

Monday, May 20th: 9:00am – All School Awards Assembly (Cooper H.S.)

  • All students resume normal classes upon return to campus
  • Final Trust Card Rewards will take place

Tuesday, May 21st: Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors Normal Classes

  • Seniors take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Pd Final Exams, then normal in afternoon

Wednesday, May 22nd: Normal Classes in Morning

  • Seniors take 5th, 6th, & 7th Pd Final Exams
  • All students take 7th Pd Final Exam

Thursday, May 23rd: 8:30am – Senior Breakfast/Meeting

10:00am – Senior Elementary Walk (if you want)

12:00pm – Senior Picnic (TBD)

Friday, May 24th: 7:45am – Senior Graduation Practice

  • Early Release Day

The “Queen of Quotes”, Elyse Braxton makes a reappearance today with these words:  “Calm yourself in times of stress. You can only control your reactions. Become strong for those near you that are weak.  Be brave for those who are afraid and listen to those who are loud. The most dangerous person is one that continuously adapts.”

Have a good weekend, ATEMS.

We are looking forward to the 2018-2019 school year.

 ATEMS School Day
8:15 a.m. – 3:40 p.m.

Conference Activities /Service Project


Conference Activities:


Flag Football Tournament – Saturday, September 29

3×3 Basketball Tournament – Saturday, February 9


Paint Fest-September 18, 4:00-5:00

Paramount Movie Night-Spring (TBD when Paramount releases 2019 movies)

PAC 12

Mr. Gatti’s – September 25, 6:00-8:00

Fairway Park  – March 28, 6:00-8:00

Conference USA  

Ultimate Frisbee – November 8, 4:00 – 5:00

Game Night – February 21, 4:00 – 5:30


Sonic Volleyball Night – Tuesday – October 16th, 6:00 – 8:00

Primetime Bowling  – Tuesday – March 5th, 6:00-8:00

May switch events in case of weather conflict.

Service Projects


The Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Saturday, September 15 -Registration 8:00 am, Ceremony 9:00 am, Walk 9:30 am


Mission Thanksgiving-November 16, 4:00-6:00

Conference USA

Noah Project – March TBD

PAC 12

Bunco Night – Benefiting the Hope Fund

October 9th, from 6-9 P.M. @ Taylor Community Expo Center


Hope Mommies 5K, April 20th or 27th TBD

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

School Applications

ATEMS Class of 2023 Student Application
ATEMS Application for Class of 2023 Students

ATEMS Application for Students Entering Grade 10, 11, or 12 in August 2019
2019 Application for Students Entering Grade 10, 11, or 12