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ATEMS Senior Class of 2019

ATEMS Seniors 2019

ATEMS Students Sweeping a Black Belt Competition

ATEMS students swept the black belt forms division at the Sweetwater TKD tournament!

Beau Hamilton, Colin Cory, and Jameson Morrell

Good morning, ATEMS.  Today is Tuesday, September 17th, 2019. 

Our CHAMPS focus this week is “Stay to the Right”.  Please stay to the right as you are traveling our hallways and stairwells.

Today is a Mega Lunch day.  Mega Lunch schedule today is:

1st Lunch 2nd Lunch

Math Tutoring Social Studies Tutoring

Social Studies UIL (Ms. Cook)

Robotics Lab

Writing UIL (Mrs. Hope)

Glee Club (Mrs. Lipps)

Tech Swat (Mr. Rainwater)

Mandatory tutoring will begin today & Thursday for all students who are failing core classes.  If you have been given a mandatory tutoring slip by your teacher, make sure you attend or it there will be disciplinary consequences.

After school tutorial busses are now running Monday through Wednesday.  Busses will leave each day at 4:30pm from the cafeteria driveway, so if you need to stay after school, and you don’t have transportation home, please utilize this service.   You must have a bus pass from the teacher you stayed with to board the tutorial bus.

PTO t-shirt sales will be taking place again this Friday during lunch, so if you want to purchase any t-shirts or hoodies with the ATEMS logo on it, this will be your last chance to do so.  Also, all money must be given directly to a member of the PTO. Please don’t turn in order forms to one of our staff members.

ACC Boat Build Team – check your emails!  We will begin meeting tomorrow after school at 3:45 in the science lab.  All members need to attend. See Mrs. Isenhower with any questions.

Anyone interested in participating in Science UIL this year should make plans to attend a meeting on Thursday during 1st lunch in Mrs. Isenhower’s room.  Please see Mrs. Isenhower with any questions or if you are unable to attend.

ATEMS Shout Out from Saturday’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Rose Park

“We are so thankful we got to work with three of your students Saturday at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Rose Park on Saturday, September 14.  Christina Nicole Chavez, Skylar Clay, and Aidan Sheedy showed up at 8:00 and worked with me until 12:30. 

These students are a credit to ATEMS High School.  They were hard working, polite, courteous, and follow directions.  They never quit until I quit. These students did so much more than you would expect from students who are volunteering their time.  They stayed right with me, did everything I asked, came back and asked for more to do. They worked diligently from the time they arrived until they went home.  They aren’t my students and I was so proud of them. You and your teachers should be, too.  

I plan on getting a t-shirt to them this week, so thanks for the privilege of working with these kids.”  

From:  Libby Embry-Volunteer for the North Central Chapter of Alzheimer’s

Attention Juniors, the application window for NASA’s High School Aerospace Scholars program is now open.  HAS is an authentic learning experience for Texas high school juniors to engage with NASA’s mission to become the next generation of explorers.  Students are able to learn about different STEM related fields of study they might want to pursue in college. Following a series of online lessons, highest achieving students will be invited to an all-expenses-paid, week-long visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston during the summer. Selected participants will plan a mission to Mars while being mentored and receiving guidance from NASA scientists and engineers. Both the online and onsite portions are free to participants.   Applications are available for students beginning September 10, 2019 through October 23,

If you are interested in the Upward Bound Program/Trio, please go by and get an application from Mrs. Nall.  

Juniors have begun a fundraiser for prom by selling BOGO coupon books for $20 each. These books give you coupons for buy-one-get-one free to many restaurants and fun places around town. Get your book today!

If you are interested in Social Studies UIL and want to learn more about Asia and its history, then come to Ms. Cook’s room today during 1st lunch

If you are in need of more community service hours, here is an opportunity. PAC 12 invites you to come help out during BUNCO Night on October 8th at the Taylor County Expo Coliseum. For sign up and more information click on the links or see Mrs. Lipps.

Volunteer Signup:

Volunteer Video:

The PSAT will be October the 16th.  If you are a 10th or 11th grade students taking core content Pre-AP and AP courses, you will be REQUIRED to take the test. All other 10th and 11th grade students who wish to take the PSAT may do so voluntarily and the District will pay for it. 9th grade students may take the PSAT by paying $17.  If you are a 10th or 11th grade non-PAP/AP core class student or a 9th grade student that wants to take the PSAT, please come by and sign up with Mrs. Nall today or tomorrow.

Student Council will be hosting a Game Night/Movie Night on Tuesday, Sept. 24 at ATEMS from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm. There will be video games set up in Student Central, and Megamind and Shrek will be playing on the projector in the cafeteria. Pizza and drinks will be served throughout the night, and all of this is FREE OF CHARGE! This is not an unlimited amount though, so feel free to bring snacks if you would like. There will be raffle ticket drawings for various gift cards, including a $50 Sonic card.  STUCO invites you to come and hang out, and bring your own seating, monitors, consoles, video games, and card games if desired. If you are planning on attending, Mrs. Bunton has put the link in the announcements to sign up and to pick the type of pizza and drinks for the evening. The link that was emailed on Friday was incorrect, DO NOT fill that out. 

Link to sign up

Mrs. Hope’s English UIL events will meet today, Tuesday, during 2nd lunch in her room. 

Seniors, you were sent a Google form to express your prom preferences. Please make sure you respond to that Google form so that the prom committee can begin planning. 

Math UIL will meet today in Ms. Angell’s room, room 232, during 1st lunch.

Yearbook will meet today in Mrs. Batson’s room after school.

Please pick up any items left downstairs daily; lunch boxes, backpacks, water jugs, etc…. They are cluttering up the lobby

Juniors and Seniors, if you are interested in going on a COOL College tour, see Mrs. Ashby and get signed up for a tour. The tours are first come first serve. The next tour is September 26th to McMurry. Other tours this semester are UNT, Baylor, Angelo St., Texas Tech, UTSA, and more!

Football tickets; CHS vs Wylie at 7:00 9/20/19 $3 in advance $10 at the gate

The Prom Committee is proud to announce that they will host the 2nd ATEMS Annual Halloween Dance on Saturday, October 19 from 7-9:30 PM in the Woodson gym. Drinks and candy will be provided. Costumes are permitted, but face masks are not allowed. Ticket sales will begin October 14 and will occur during lunch. Off-campus dates will have to fill out an off-campus date form which will be provided when you purchase a ticket. Talk to Mrs. Claxton or Mrs. Hope if you have any questions. 

Mr. Long will have a meeting to discuss the TSA non-vex robotics competition during lunch on Thursday.  If you want to build something with saws and other equipment in the back of the engineering lab come talk to Mr. Long Thursday during lunch.

Teachers please remember to do your attendance before you get locked out at 9:30. 

Our quote of the day is:  “I am not what happened to me.  I am what I choose to become.”

Have a great day, ATEMS!

We are looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year.

 ATEMS School Day
8:15 a.m. – 3:40 p.m.

Conference Activities /Service Project


Conference Activities:


Sonic Volleyball Night – October 10th

Primetime Night – April 30th


Ultimate Frisbee – October 25th

3 X 3 Basketball – January 25th

PAC 12

Mr. Gatti’s – September 12th

Play Fair Park – April 21st


Paint Fest – September 20th

Paramount Movie Night-Spring – (TBD when Paramount releases 2020 movies)


Ultimate Frisbee – October 2nd

Game Night – March 25th

Service Projects


Taylor Elementary CarePack Night – March 3rd


The Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Saturday, September 15th

PAC 12

Bunco Night – October 8th


Mission Thanksgiving – Friday, November 22nd


Noah Project – February (TBD)