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Ortiz Elementary
Welcome Back to School!

It is always an exciting time here at Ortiz Elementary.  Our students and staff enjoy learning and make the most of each day.  Creating an engaging environment and providing students with leadership opportunities fosters an environment that celebrates growth.

The diversity of our student and staff population is a beautiful collaboration of life.  We have 15+ countries that are represented and celebrated each day.  Our students have unique opportunities to learn about different cultures and places from their classmates.  This allows our students to learn and grow beyond the four walls of the classroom.

At Ortiz we CELEBRATE and GROW through our…

  • Leader In Me Program
  • TEAM System–Team Integrity, Team Courage, Team Endurance; Team Responsibility & Team Honesty
  • Spanish Dual Language Program
  • High-Quality Instructional Practices
  • Growth Mindset and Goal Setting

All these programs work in conjunction to prepare your child to reach his or her full potential as a true scholar.  

it is a joy to see students LOVE learning and GROW throughout the school year.  Families and community are an important part of our students’ success.  As teachers and parents, we have a shared responsibility to prepare our students for the future.  Ortiz Elementary teachers are the best and are ready to help your child GROW educationally!


Welcome to the ALL STAR TEAM!

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Upcoming Events

  1. Monday
    7 Habits Boot Camp

  2. 3:30 pm
    Cub Scouts

  3. Monday
    5th Grade: Ropes Course

  4. Tuesday
    5th Grade: Ropes Course

  5. 3:30 pm
    Cub Scouts