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The Talisman 2020 yearbook is expected to arrive at the end of September. We will notify all yearbook purchasers as soon as the books are available for pick up. 

 2020 Freshman Orientation Information

2020-2021 Student Council  Application

2020-2021 PALS Application (Seniors only)

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I am proud to be the Principal at Cooper and I am excited to be on this journey with our students. Prior to this year, I was the Associate Principal at CHS. I began my career in Abilene ISD in 2005 teaching math at Mann Middle School. I later taught math and became a counselor at Abilene High before serving as the Principal at Holland Medical High School. I am confident I have found my “home” at Cooper and genuinely enjoy working with the students, teachers, and staff on a daily basis.

High school is such an exciting time for students, and it is my hope that your child takes advantage of all that Cooper has to offer. We always stress the importance of being involved and finding ways to connect to the Cooper community. This leads to greater success academically, socially, and emotionally.

The teachers and staff at Cooper are second to none, as they are truly outstanding and dedicated educators who seek to serve students well by ensuring safety and a high quality education. I look forward to working alongside the Cooper staff and each of you. We will work to support our students as they make important decisions and ensure they are prepared for the next step in achieving their goals.

Lyndsey Williamson
Cooper High School