AISD Middle school art students participated in JR VASE and elementary art students participated in the Texas Elementary Art Meet (TEAM)

The Junior Visual Arts Scholastic Event competition was held virtually on April 9. Junior VASE is sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association. The jurors evaluate the art using the following standards: Rating 4 – Excellent; Rating 3 – Strong; Rating 2 – Developing; and Rating 1 – Emerging. Medals are awarded to students receiving a rating of 4. The artworks receiving a 4 are then organized by their division and are judged again for the Platinum Event. Only 10 percent of each division entrants who receive a rating of 4 are eligible to receive a platinum medal.  

Clack Middle School students whose work earned a Rating 4 are: Jacob Collier, Sydney Cripps (2), Iliana Dillinger (2), Maliyah Douglas-Perry, Shealee Fortney, Hazel Harris, Renatta Hernandez, Jaylyn Luna, Brendan Moore, Kallie Richardson, Isabella Rojas, Natalia Sanchez, Vanvan Seng, Alistair Stribling, and Emilee Webster (2). Iliana Dillinger, Kalli Richardson, and Renatta Hernandez also received Platinum Medals. Clack Middle School art students are taught by JD Humber. 

Craig Middle School students whose work earned a Rating 4 are: Adriana Anaya, Danica Bouford, Sephora Ibondo, Azaleigh Sorbello, and Brianna Wright. Adriana Anaya also received a Platinum Medal. Craig Middle School art students are taught by Emily Fanning.  

Madison Middle School students whose work earned a Rating 4 are: Abbey Alvarado, Jady Cortinaz, Isabel Delatorre, Lisa Diaz, Lily Loftin, Lily Muchenko (2), Isis Salazar, Sarah Schuler. Jady Cortinaz also received a Platinum Medal. Madison Middle School art students are taught by Holly Howell. 

Mann Middle School students whose work earned a 4 Rating are: Ruth Barnes, Braylin Bunch, Gracie Chaves, Paradice DeMartini, Cindy Do, Willi Garza, Makiyha Green, Hailey Hollingsworth, Charlie Kennedy, Baylee Lawrence, Xavier Longoria, Vanessa Marcos, Skye Marsh, Jace McCorkle, Hermalene Moore, Waki Msafiri, Arianna Najera, Brieyonna Reed, Naomi Rodriguez, Katey Smith, Micaela Velasquez, Cooper Wagner, and Malachi Word. Charlie Kennedy and Jace McCorkle also received Platinum Medals. Mann Middle School art students are taught by Canon Cavazos. 

AISD elementary students participated in TEAM which was held virtually on April 1. The purpose of TEAM is to provide a collegiate assessment for an individual elementary art student based on the standards of TEKS, Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Feldman Model. Additionally, TEAM provides constructive criticism (actual feedback) for the student’s literary and expressive process. Students who scored a 3 (exemplary rating) received medals. 

These students are: Mfaume Asumani, Mikayla Marcias, Jackson Roth, TJ Nicholas, Wesley Skidmore, Simon Tran, Jonathan Tupta, Chance Webster, Jose Zermeno, Zoe Brown, Lilian Buck, Nayeli Cano, Lucy Craig, Madelynn Thompson, Cali Arterberry, Anderson Braden, Paislee Crim, Ian Duncan, Aubri Dunnam, Avery Emerson, Rose Evans, Lauren Goodwin, Juniper Holloway, Emma Kate Lindsey, Mila Martinez, Doak McMillon, and Muco Ntibandetse. Six students received “Top of the Team” awards, given to the top 10% of works. These students are: Avery Emerson, Jose Zermeno, Ian Duncan, Lucy Craig, Juniper Holloway, and Aubri Dunnam.

Elementary art teachers who participated in this competition are Bethany Connell (Bowie), Anna Egbert (Dyess), Brandon’a Garcia (Taylor), and Elizabeth Gragg (Austin). Congratulations to these students and their teachers.