The Abilene ISD family celebrates the continued success of our teachers in the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) system. 

Since 2020-2021, Abilene ISD has designated a total of 66 teachers from eight elementary schools and two middle schools, and conversations will begin soon about the next phase of system expansion. This year’s designees represent 29 first-time honorees, 7 teachers with improved results, and 21 teachers continuing at the same level as the prior year.

Designation at the Recognized, Exemplary, and Masters TIA levels is based on excellent instruction as demonstrated through T-TESS and on MAP/NWEA outstanding student growth results. Teachers may also earn recognition through National Board Certification. A teacher who qualifies for designation earns additional pay from the State of Texas ranging from $3,000-$32,000 each year for five years. 

Teacher Incentive Allotment is part of the Texas Education Code and is designed to:

  • Strengthen student outcomes
  • Reward quality instruction
  • Support teacher professional learning and collaboration
  • Offer competitive salaries and Improve teacher retention
  • Draw teachers to rural and high-poverty campuses

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