School Name Nomination Form

ABILENE – The Abilene Independent School District continues to collect community feedback related to new names for Jackson, Johnston, and Lee elementary schools.

The AISD Board of Trustees appointed a collaborative School Renaming Committee to help guide this decision. After thoroughly reviewing suggestions from the community, the Committee presented a list of 12 names for further consideration to the Board on Thursday, Nov. 5. Please use the form (linked above) to provide the Committee and the Board with your preferences regarding these names. The nomination form will be open through 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 27.

Those who fill out the form will be asked to rank order all 12 names. Ranking all 12 names may require you to scroll to the right on the form. To read more about a name, click the plus sign symbol on the gray information boxes below. After you complete your ranking, you will be given an opportunity to provide additional feedback or supporting information. Please note that your name and residency status are required to submit the form.