Our district values your feedback! Helping students do their best in school requires a team effort. Parents, students, and schools all play important roles in this process. Abilene ISD has partnered with Panorama Education to conduct our 2019 Family Survey. Panorama safeguards your privacy, keeping your responses confidential. The survey shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete, and will be a valuable source of information for us as we work to make our schools and district as good as they can be.

To help all of us learn how to make your child’s schooling experience as positive and beneficial as possible, please give us your honest, thoughtful responses to the questions in the following survey.

Please click the link and complete the survey for each campus that pertains to your child.


Abilene High School surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/abilenehs
ATEMS High School surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/atems
Austin Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/austin
Bassetti Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/bassetti
Bonham Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/bonham
Bowie Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/bowie
Clack Middle School surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/clack
Cooper High School surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/cooper
Craig Middle School surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/craig
Crockett Early Head Start surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/crockett
DAEP – Disciplinary Alt Ed Prg surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/daep
Dyess Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/dyess
Holland Med High School surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/holland
Jackson Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/jackson
Johnston Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/johnston
Lee Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/lee
Long Early Learning Center surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/long
Madison Middle School surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/madison
Mann Middle School surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/mann
Martinez Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/martinez
Ortiz Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/ortiz
Reagan Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/reagan
Taylor Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/taylor
Thomas Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/thomas
Ward Elementary surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/ward
Woodson Center for Excellence surveys.panoramaed.com/abileneisd/woodson