Jessica CarrollName: Jessica Carroll

Department: Teacher at Bowie Elementary

Grade Level: 3rd grade

Years with AISD: This is my seventh year

Where are You From? I am from Abilene, moved here when I was 2 years old.

What School Did You Attend: Elementary — Allie Ward; Middle School — Madison; High School — Cooper; College — McMurry

Tell Us About Your Family: I have a wonderful husband, Jayton and the cutest little 3 year old boy, Easton J

Dream Vacation Spot and Why?: Costa Rica- I have heard so many great stories of others who have gone! There is also a wide range of different bird species to see as well!

What Do You Enjoy Away From Work: I enjoy being with my family, reading, and birdwatching.

Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: My husband and I are birders and we enjoy going to state parks and traveling all over to see new birds!

What Is Your Favorite Part of Your Job: My favorite part about my job is my students. I enjoy building relationships with each and every one of my students and helping them find their love for reading and writing.

What Her Principal Says About Jessica Carroll: “When you walk into Mrs. Carroll’s 3rd grade classroom you will experience a class with high expectations, acceptance, compassion, fun and success! Her ability to connect and form relationships with her students and her talent in teaching the simple concepts to higher level ones is remarkable. She accomplishes all of these tasks with great initiative and with a positive attitude. Thanks to Mrs. Carroll for always going the extra mile in loving and serving our Bobcats!” — Tina Jones, principal, Bowie Elementary School