Message From The Principal


Dear Eagle Students and Parents,


This far into the school year, you have identified the classes that present the most challenges. We have a strong safety net in place and encourage you to take full advantage of these opportunities. Support opportunities:


1) Teacher Tutoring – Each teacher offers tutoring a minimum of three times per week with most offering it more often. We strongly encourage you to attend your teacher’s tutoring for content support as well as when you need to make-up or redo an assignment.


2) Tutoring in the LRC after School – Tutoring is available after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for core content areas from 3:35 to 4: 45. We have an activity bus that runs at 4:45 for students in need of transportation.


3) Tutoring is available by appointment in the morning on days when your teacher is not available. Please see me for more information on that opportunity.


4) Homework is still available for Math and Science help Monday – Thursday from 6:00 TO 9:00. The phone number 671-4070.


Please feel free to contact teachers by e-mail if you have questions or concerns.


Eagle Faculty