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Speak Up

School safety is a top priority in Abilene ISD, and students, parents, and community members play a vital role in keeping our schools safe and secure. If you see something, please say something. Click Speak Up below or call 325-676-TIPS (8477) to anonymously report any school safety issue, including bullying or harassment.

Safe Hands

AISD campuses feature a professionally trained safety team, including School Resource Officers and Marshals who stand ready to protect our students and staff. With their experience and expertise leading the way to keep our schools secure, you can rest assured that your student is in safe hands.

Secure Schools

Our constant focus is to ensure that every AISD campus provides a physically and emotionally safe environment that is conducive to learning. We conduct ongoing facility safety assessments and train every AISD staff member in emergency preparedness so you can have confidence that our campuses are safe places to learn and work.

Healthy Students

All Abilene ISD students have the right to be safe, secure, and healthy so they can thrive at school. Along with emergency preparedness training, we also provide our students with counseling support and wellness resources to promote appropriate self-care and relationship skills.

Tactics that work.

Drills & AED Training

  • Drill Management with CRISIS GO
  • Security Audits & Campus Assessments
  • Campus (EOP) Emegency Operating Procedures

Community Assistance


the Right StAff.

Director of Safety & Security, Tony Lassetter

  • Campus Assessment & Security Audits
  • Providing Training & Mitigation Practices
  • Defining Campus (EOP) Emergency Operating Procedures

School Resource Officer (SRO) & School Marshals

  • Highly Trained to Execute Emergency Response Procedures
  • Deployed to All Campuses to Facilitate a Variety of Needs
  • Provide Assistance & Collaborate with First Responders

Behavior of threat.

Abilene ISD Leads with Proactive Protection

  • All campuses are equipped with security vestibules that provide parent and guest vetting before allowing entrance into the campus. Each visitor is then escorted to the proper location on campus.
  • Safe and Civil Schools classroom management and school-building management strategies is the CHAMPS/DSC (Discipline in the Secondary Classroom) programs and the Foundations program to manage the common areas of a school building (hallways, restrooms, cafeterias).
  • Behavior Support – Our district is committed to take a proactive approach to student behavior through a Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS), multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) and social emotional learning (SEL).