Reed Tate, a bus driver for Abilene ISD, was honored recently in Austin by the Texas Department of Public Safety for his life-saving action last summer while on vacation. Mr. Tate witnessed a major vehicle accident near Fredericksburg, and his quick and decisive actions contributed to saving the life of the driver.

For his heroics, the Texas Public Safety Commission awarded Mr. Tate, a retired fire fighter, with the Director’s Award during a ceremony on Oct. 25 in Austin. He also will be honored by the AISD Board of Trustees at the Dec. 10 Regular Meeting.

Below is the accommodation that was provided at the DPS ceremony:

  • Trooper Sharadyn Andrews, Texas Highway Patrol–Fredericksburg, received a Lifesaving Award, and Reed Tate, Retired Fire Fighter–Abilene, received a Director’s Award. On June 12, 2018, Trooper Andrews was notified by Fredericksburg dispatch of a major vehicle accident with extensive injuries on Highway 87 in Gillespie County. The vehicle had failed to navigate a curve, impacted the guardrail and rolled over before stopping upside down. A witness, later identified as Tate, was on the phone with 911. Tate tried to use a belt as a tourniquet, but the driver was still bleeding from her severely injured arm. Trooper Andrews found the driver suspended by her seatbelt and began applying a tourniquet to the top portion of the driver’s arm in order to control the bleeding. Firefighters arrived shortly thereafter, removed the driver from the vehicle and transported her to an ambulance. She was later taken by air to the San Antonio Military Medical Center for further treatment. The driver and her family joined DPS for Thursday’s PSC meeting to honor the actions of those who helped save her life.