AHS, CHS Marching Bands Complete Successful Seasons

Both Abilene ISD high school marching bands received the highest ratings in the UIL Region Marching Contest on Oct. 22 at Abilene Wylie.

AHS, competing in Class 6A, received a Division 1 Rating and qualified for the UIL Area Contest in Odessa, while Cooper also earned a Division I rating in Class 5A.

Earlier in the season, both high schools also competed in the Big Country Marching Festival  at Wylie on Oct. 1.  AHS received a Division 1 rating and outstanding Auxiliary Group for the 6A classification.  CHS not only received a Division 1 rating but was named Outstanding Band in Class 5A.

On Oct. 6, both bands competed in the Mesquite Marching Festival, with AHS receiving a Division II rating and CHS earning a Division I rating.

The CHS band is directed by Clay Johnson, Jenny Reece and Patrick Stevenson. The AHS band is directed by Dr. Jon Kraemer, Christina Hurlbut, Tyler Jacks and Brittany Tawater.

Students Selected for Big Country Sixth Grade Honor Choir

The following choir students AISD middle schools were selected to the Big Country Sixth Grade Honor Choir following audition on Oct. 30 at First Baptist Church:

Clack Middle School – Lewis Cooper, Cornelius Poston, Madeline Covington, Blessing Foster, Madison Gentry and Isabella Ramirez.

Craig Middle School – Jordan Boyd, Aria Fair, Kaitlyn Johnson, Alexa Lubango, Mariska Marines and Carrie Mercer.

Madison Middle School – Kyler Wheeler, Jalissa Martinez, Brooklyn Knapp, Emily Mitchell, Aolani Montes, Lauren Valentine, Addison Hargrove, Dixie Hurtado, Claudia Jaques and Jade Lopez.

Mann Middle School:  Alana Marshall, Kodie Sutterfield, Susan Devawn Turner, Mariah Gaona, Noah Garcia, Jeremiah Miranda, Noel Ramirez, Ana Vargas and Amya Williams.

More than 55 from AISD Make TMEA Middle SChool Region Choir

Middle School Choir students from AISD competed in the Texas Music Educators Association Region 6 Junior High/Middle School Choir Audition on Oct. 20 at Clack Middle School.

The following AISD students were selected for the Treble and Tenor/Bass Choirs.

Clack Middle School – Treble:  Jazney McRae, Icinik Banks, Eliana Menjares, Kyla Speights and Jo’Zlyn Silva; and Tenor/Bass: Logan Hamilton, Kaleb Flores and Jonathan Session.

Craig Middle School – Treble:  Hope Arrazola, Belle Basta, Jentry Bennett, Tarynn Bridge, Cadei Carmona, Madison Christopher, Alex Dacanay, Hope Fabrough, Victoria Gao, Evelyn Graham, Olivia Horn, Martine Niwe, Kelsie Patterson, Kassandra Pizarro and Serenity Sanchez; and Tenor/Bass:  Brighton Blair, Jakob Enriquez, Jahlyl Horton, Maddox Loudermilk, Alan Mercer, Zikama Muhanama, Jericho Pace, Aiden Schwartz, Jude Strader, Griffin Sullivan, Elijah Tolar and Nathan Wilson.

Madison Middle School – Treble:  Leigha Brannon, Cassie Rae Bryan, Ava Quinones, Victoria Rodriguez, Ena Turnbow and Emily Martin; and Tenor/Bass:  Levi Bryan, Seth Luna and Ian Martin.

Mann Middle School – Treble:  Dharma Boyd, Ceriaya Fingers, Bradie Flores, Gabriella London, Khaedyn Shattah, Taylor Nevitt, Mira Savage, Sarah Richert, Britton Sechrist and Abagail Hernandez; and Tenor/Bass: Diego Castillo, Blaise Gonzilas and Shayden Levesque.

The Abilene ISD middle school choir students are under the direction of the following directors:  Clack Middle School – Katherine Cotten; Craig Middle School – Lyndsey Ransford; Madison Middle School – Maddison Schwarz; and Mann Middle School – Ginnylou Murphey.

All-Region Middle School Band Features 60 Musicians from AISD

Band students from the AISD middle schools competed in the Middle School Honor Band auditions held Nov. 12 at Clack Middle School.  The following AISD students were selected for the All Region Honor Band that performed in concert on Dec. 1 at the Abilene Wylie Performing Arts Center.

Clack Middle School: Flute – Royce Bandora; Clarinet – Hailey Barton, Isabella Bracamonte-Harrell, Blaze Carter, Caden Boldenow, and Christina Smith; Alto Sax – Isiah Lima; Tenor Sax – Jaelyn Rivera; Trumpet – Jonathon Carranza, Lucas Vinson, Sylvia Cabel, and Joe Guevara; French Horn – Maleah Hudson; Trombone – Lune Finch and Mario Alvarez; Euphonium – Ty Steele and Ethan Echols.

Craig Middle School: Flute – Mackenzie Campbell and Kaitlyn Martin; Oboe – Martin Gonzalez; Bassoon – Isaac Trinidad and Jacob Spell; Clarinet – Jerry O’Hearn, Sydney Spell, and Mireya Molina; Bass Clarinet – Taylor Van Meter; Alto Sax – Precious Carlton; Trumpet – Dawson Mullins, Barrett Roberson, and Wyatt Collins; French Horn – Juan Rocha and Hailie Hayes; Trombone – Amir Lee; Tuba – Gabriel Munoz

Madison Middle School: Clarinet – Lynae Tutt; Tenor Sax – Calvin Joyce; Trumpet – Mack Summers, Dylan Lujan, and Emily Wade; French Horn – Noelle Mathis, Aaron Reece, and John Tran; Euphonium – Duncan Lucas; Tuba – Isaiah Reyes and Caven Dooley; Percussion – Benjamin Weems;

Mann Middle School: Flute – Jenamiah Perez; Oboe – Gloriana Nichols; Clarinet – Antonio Alvarez; Trumpet – Chance Lawrence and Cory Rodriguez; French Horn – Addyson Findley and Britton Sechrist; Trombone – Finn Voss and Sean Williams; Tuba – Mauricio Saucedo; Percussion – Ben Neie and Kendal Clonch

AISD middle school band students are under the direction of the following teachers: Clack – Pearl Gonzales, Craig – Wayne Winner, Madison – Paula McGrew and Mann – Mary Withers.