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    The following are Spirit Days, and student participation is expected and appreciated.  However, students will need to adhere to the

    AISD Dress Code

    We will allow some leniency as indicated below:

    • October 17 - Hippy Day  

    • October 20 - Tourist Day  (Students may wear hats/caps/sunshades.)

    • October 21 - Hillbilly Day  (Students may wear hats/caps.)

    • October 23 - Twin Day

    • October 24 - Robot Day  

    • October 31 - Super Hero Day

    Students may not dye their hair an unnatural tint, dress in clothing that is inconsistent with the dress code or paint their faces. Tights must be covered by a garment that reaches to mid thigh.  Students will also be expected to wear their IDs.

    If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Yates.


    If you would like to purchase tickets to the Abilene High School football game, you must get them from Mrs. Cedillo before noon today.


    Attention Robotics Club members, the team will meet Monday through Friday until 5:00.  See Mr. Haney or Mr. Thomas if you have any questions.


    A service project opportunity has been emailed to all of you and the link is in the Daily Announcements: Austin's Group (Lake Kirby Clean-Up Day).  Check it out if you would like to pick up some service hours while cleaning up our environment:

    Event: Litter Pick-up

    Location:  Kirby Lake, 5650 Maple Street, Abilene, Texas

    Date:  Saturday, October 18th

    Time:  8:00 -11:00 am


    Another service project opportunity has been emailed to all of you by Mr. Martinez.  You can work at Boo at the Zoo on October 25, 2014 transporting supplies to treat spots, handing out treat bags, taking tickets, picking up trash,

    setting up and dismantling between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.  If you would like to work at Boo at the Zoo, you can sign up for time slots on Mr. Martinez’s door.


    Dr. Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mohandas Gandhi, will be in Abilene on October 20th and 21st.  These opportunities don’t come around very often, so we would like to encourage your participation in one of his two  speaking events.  If you attend one of the speaking engagements, you can earn points for your conference.  Please see the poster outside of Mrs. Yates’ office for more information.  Admission is free.


    Anyone interested in applying for Upward Bound can come to Mrs. Castillo’s office to get an application.


    The Profile in Courage Essay Contest invites United States high school students to consider the concept of political courage by writing an essay on a U.S. elected official who has chosen to do what is right, rather than what is expedient. A “Profile in Courage” essay is a carefully researched recounting of a story: the story of how an elected official risked his or her career to take a stand based on the dictates of the public good, rather than the dictates of polls, interest groups or even constituents. Profiles in Courage Essay Contest


    The Irene S. Wischer Education Foundation Scholarship is a renewable scholarship award, and the value is based on the applicant's demonstrated financial need (not to exceed $11,000 per academic year). The length of renewal eligibility will be commensurate with the length of the student's course of study (not to exceed four years).


    Seniors, you have been emailed information about the American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program.  See Mrs. Castillo or Mr. West for more information or follow the link in the Daily Announcements: American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program


    Seniors, this message is from the Texas Tech recruiter for Abilene.  It has also been emailed to you: I will be in Abilene at the Starbucks on Buffalo Gap Rd. on Tuesday, November 11 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. I am dedicating these two hours to meet with students and/or parents who have any questions about Texas Tech and the admissions process. If you could, please let your students know this opportunity will be available, but I will need them to RSVP to me! They can email me at or call me at 806-834-5727 to set up a time to come by Starbucks to speak with me.

    I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get from you to promote this and encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity! I look forward to meeting with these students and their families and hope it is beneficial for them. Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!


    Students, this last announcement is very important,and I cannot say this any more strongly than I am saying it.  Many of you have been accessing the wireless Internet on your personal devices using the TSTC wireless.  You MUST stop doing that.  Whether you are using a cellular device, an Android device, an Apple device, a tablet, an iPad, an iPod, a laptop of any kind, or any other type of electronic device, you MUST stop using the TSTC wireless.  If they block you from using their wireless from this moment, you will also be blocked by AISD.  If you are currently blocked or cannot access the Internet for any other reason, contact Mr. Haney, Mr. Carr, or Mr. Monroe, and one of them will help you connect to AISD.  There is no legitimate reason to access the TSTC wireless Internet.


    The High School Aerospace Scholars program is looking for juniors that are interested in the Aerospace field.  Juniors who qualify are eligible to travel to the NASA Johnson Space Center for a six day summer camp.  Students who are interested can apply at  Applications must be submitted by October 31st.  For more information, see Mrs. West, Mrs. Hamilton, Mr. Monroe, or Mrs. Yates or watch the video that is linked in the daily announcements. Video: “High School Aerospace Scholars: A Journey of Discovery”

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Welcome Area

Submit Saturday, January 10, 2015

   Class of 2015
Academy of Technology, 
Engineering, Math & Science
As a 21st century school, ATEMS embraces rigor in both traditional core learning areas and in skills typically not taught as a part of a traditional curriculum. The Academy is a unique school in Abilene ISD and will help revolutionize the educational experience of high school students across the Big Country. The overall goal of ATEMS is not only to increase student achievement in math and science, but also to inspire students by exposing them to rigorous “real world” problems and issues using research-based, proven curriculum.

The campus is technology-rich, mimicking the workplace where all participants have access to the technological tools they need to complete their work. The campus is fully wireless with a 1:1 computer ratio for all students and facilitators. When projects are completed, external evaluators from a variety of business and education fields come to grade student presentations and final products. All students at the Academy will complete four years of math and science and meet all state requirements for the recommended graduation plan. Upon high school graduation from ATEMS, students will have had the opportunity to accrue at least 30 college hours and participate in capstone or internships with local businesses.
Enrolling @ ATEMS
The application is now live!  
To download a copy of the 2015 application for incoming 9th graders, click here.  
To download a copy of the Transfer Application for incoming 10th-12th graders, click here. 
For more information on the application process, click here.  
January 10th is Submit Saturday from 8:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m.  The first 70 applications submitted will be automatically admitted. (students from outside the district must meet eligibility requirements.)  All other applications will be processed through a stratified lottery.  
Parent Information Meetings
Throughout the month of December, we will hold four parent information meetings at the local middle schools.  In order to submit an application and remain eligible for admission, it is required that students and families attend one informational meeting.  You can attend any of the four meetings listed below.  All meetings will be similar in content information. We look forward to visiting with you as we share our school experiences.
December 4th - Craig MS (meeting begins at 6:30pm)
December 9th - Madison MS (meeting begins at 6:30pm)
December 11th - Clack MS (meeting begins at 6:30pm)
December 15th - Mann MS (meeting begins at 6:30pm) 
Overview of ATEMS
Click here for an overview of the ATEMS New Tech Network Fact Sheet.
Geo-Cache Bonanza
UPDATE: Create an account (with parent permission).  Download the app.  Start geo-caching.  We have active caches ready to find!  Check on your mobile app or online for links to the ATEMS caches.  These caches are for anyone, but are especially for ATEMS incoming freshmen.  Don't forget, there are a couple of tokens for free prizes and "admissions into ATEMS." Find the cache, get a prize. Don't forget to take a pencil.  Learn how technology can play a role in learning at ATEMS just by participating.   To learn more about geo-caching before the event starts visit,
Here is a list of the names that you should be looking for.  Many of them have helpful clues in locating the caches.   More caches to come. But for now, here are four to go and find!
002_ATEMS_United by Grades                 
Geocaching app  
Geo-Caching app logo.
School Connect

Parents and supporters of ATEMS High School, now you can keep up with what’s happening at our school anywhere, anytime right from your smart phone with School Connect.  School Connect is a free mobile app that enables you to stay connected to your student’s school and have school information sent directly to you, wherever and whenever you need it. Whether it’s game day scores, updates on the school play, access to grade books, emergency notifications or even classroom reminders from your teachers—School Connect makes all this information available from your smart phone.    School Connect is the best way to get connected, and stay connected to everything that’s happening at ATEMS High School today.  Download it from your app store today or visit to use the Web app.