• Good morning, ATEMS. Today is Wednesday, February 25.  Today is Travis Cranfill’s birthday.

    From Mrs. Wood, seven ATEMS students medaled at VASE on Saturday. VASE is the Visual Arts Scholastic Event - equal in importance to UIL.  Congratulations go out to the students who earned a medal and to all students who participated. It is a very brave thing to do.  These are the students medaled:

    • Taylor Casady

    • Arran Hamilton

    • Piper Hughes

    • Cat Keenan

    • Nora Loeung

    • Grisila Qinami

    Cat Keenan earned medals for both of her artworks.

    From Mrs. Yates, the winners of the ATEMS Black History Month trading card contest is Abiria Placide.  Daisy Torres  created the second place design.

    _1423241962_Joan_Higginbotham.jpg_1423241973_poster-back.jpg 1st Place by Abiria Placide

    _1423242792_Trading Card.jpg

    _1423242716_Back of Trading Card.jpg 2nd Place by Daisy Torres

    The Robotics team will meet today, Thursday and Friday.

    This is Engineering Week - to honor those who have contributed to society through their many discoveries and invetions we will honor one engineer a day.

    Today’s Engineer is:

    Sir Alec John Jeffreys – Alec Jeffreys invented DNA fingerprinting, now the gold standard of proof of identity for law enforcement officials around the world. He also invented the DNA profiling which has helped reunite families with long lost family members. Jeffries holds 6 U.S. patents.

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As a 21st century school, ATEMS embraces rigor in both traditional core learning areas and in skills typically not taught as a part of a traditional curriculum. The Academy is a unique school in Abilene ISD and will help revolutionize the educational experience of high school students across the Big Country. The overall goal of ATEMS is not only to increase student achievement in math and science, but also to inspire students by exposing them to rigorous “real world” problems and issues using research-based, proven curriculum.

The campus is technology-rich, mimicking the workplace where all participants have access to the technological tools they need to complete their work. The campus is fully wireless with a 1:1 computer ratio for all students and facilitators. When projects are completed, external evaluators from a variety of business and education fields come to grade student presentations and final products. All students at the Academy will complete four years of math and science and meet all state requirements for the recommended graduation plan. Upon high school graduation from ATEMS, students will have had the opportunity to accrue at least 30 college hours and participate in capstone or internships with local businesses.
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Here is a list of the names that you should be looking for.  Many of them have helpful clues in locating the caches.   More caches to come. But for now, here are four to go and find!
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