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At ATEMS, students are immersed in a technologically advanced school setting.  Students have access to a one-to-one laptop/desktop computer to student ratio.  Each classroom will have a laptop cart with 24 laptops or desktop computers readily available to every student.  Students are also encouraged to check out laptops at the end of the school day in order to stay current with projects and classroom assignments.  Abilene ISD is committed to providing wireless Internet throughout the building so that students can take their learning outside of the classrooms. There are four fully functioning computer labs for the Engineering, Computer Science, and Digital Media rooms.  Every desktop and laptop has Office 16, Adobe CC 2018 and Windows 10.  In addition to these packages, each desktop is installed with AutoCAD Inventor software for the engineering students.


BYOD – Bring Your Own Device Policy

In 2012, Abilene ISD instituted a new policy focused on encouraging technology use within the high school classrooms.  Students are now allowed to bring their own digital devices into the classroom to use.  At ATEMS, students may use their own laptop, iPad, tablet, cell phone, etc., with permission and Trust Card privilege.

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