Message from the Principal: 

 We have had a great start to the school year and we appreciate you having your child at Cooper High School.  We have many things going on at Cooper and construction related to the bond is one of them.  With the construction, we have new restrooms in the academic, science, fine arts, LRC, and vocational building.  The work is still in progress but things are looking great.  One of the important aspects is the safety and security of our students.  As you may have noticed we do have a fence that is almost complete in the front of the school.  For the safety of your children that has been added to keep random individuals from just walking on campus.
We sent home a letter earlier to you about the new check in procedures for our campus.  We ask that all visitors check in our administration building.  There will no longer be a way to check in our academic building so please make sure you come to the administration building with your ID so we can print a visitor's badge for you.
Another new procedure is bringing food for your child.  Many of you bring a lunch for your child daily.  We ask that you bring it into the administration building and leave it on our table with your child's name on it.  We have supplies on that table for you to mark it and staff members who monitor the lunches to make sure the correct student picks it up.  No students will be allowed to walk out to your car to pick up their food.  Please know that you may only bring lunch for your child and not for all of their friends.  As per federal regulations, a parent may bring lunch for their child only.  Also, food may only be dropped off by a parent or guardian.  Please make sure you are following these procedures.  
The safety and security of your child is very important to us.  This is why we have made these changes.  If you have something to drop off for your child, please make sure to come to the front of the school.  Our two parking lots have the gates closed and our workers monitor those that enter or leave.  
I know that these changes are new to some of you but know that we are looking our for the safety of your children.  Thank you for working with us to make Cooper a safe environment.

Dr. Karen Munoz, Principal
Cooper High School