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Evans, Stacy

I have been working for Abilene ISD for 38+ years.

My work experience includes:
5 years as 4th – 6th grade teacher at Locust Elementary School
1 year at Project Pass working with remedial middle school students
19.5 years at Bowie Elementary as 5th grade teacher and assistant principal
2.5 years as assistant principal at Ward Elementary
1 month as assistant principal at Madison Middle School
3 years as principal at Bassetti Elementary
8 years as assistant principal at Cooper High School
And 2019 began at Taylor

I have loved working with students at all levels. My goal is to bring a positive outlook to everyone I work with including faculty, staff, parents, and students; particularly students. It is always my hope to provide positive, constructive alternatives to students who often cannot see a beneficial course of action.

Stacy Evans
Stacy Evans