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Gonzales, Mary Helen

My name is Mary Helen Gonzalez, and I am one of the Assistant Principals at Taylor Elementary. As an educator for 33 years, I spent over 13 years of my career as a teacher at Fannin Elementary and one year as an Assistant Principal at College Heights Elementary (2012-2013). I also served as Assistant Principal at Bassetti Elementary and Program Office for Bilingual Education for Abilene ISD. In 2011, after 31 years in education, I retired from the district only to return to my first love – the education of young children. I am also involved in other projects including the P16 Council, Teacher Retirement Member, and a lunch group of old colleagues that meet once a month come rain or shine! I love being an educator and feel very fortunate to be working with an excellent faculty and staff. Together we will build positive relationships with our students, parents, and community.

Mary Helen Gonzalez
325-677-1444 ext 1950