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Physical Education

Welcome to PE at Ortiz!

Here at Ortiz we have two PE teachers ready and willing to serve our students. We do everything we can to help our All Stars reach maximum potential.  Activities are planned using the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) which is a guide for developing our curriculum with the proper alignment of scope and sequence.

Jumprope for Heart

I am Donna Bullock, assisting with PE is my game.  I look forward each day to helping each student achieve their very best fitness goals. Let’s get moving Ortiz All Stars!

Email: donna.bullock@abileneisd.org

Phone: (325) 671-4945 ext. 3026
Conference Time: Schedule in advance.
Tutorials: Tutoring Times to be arranged with the classroom teacher.




M.C. “Lace up your sneakers and jump in with me. I’m Marty Cobarruvias, and this is ORTIZ PHYSICAL EDUCATION.”

Email: martin.cobarruvias@abileneisd.org
Phone: (325) 671-4945 ext. 3305
Conference Time: Schedule appointment in advance.
Tutorials: TBA