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First Grade

Ortiz first graders are true All-Stars! We work hard each day to achieve our potential in all subject areas. As we transition from Kindergarten, we develop our reading and writing abilities through the Daily 5 approach. Our days are filled with meaningful, engaging, and hands-on activities that support our journey as readers and writers. Each day we participate in workstations and workshops that build our fluency in reading, boost our confidence in our abilities, and increase our motivation to learn more about the world around us.

Ortiz is a Leader in Me School.  We learned The Seven Habits last year and are continuing to practice them daily.  These Habits will help your children grow into leaders in our school, community, and business world.

We especially enjoy going to the Computer Lab and Library weekly. These special classes engage all our senses and inspire us in so many ways.

In first grade, we learn about our great community, our state, and other unique places in the world that are not so close. We have a very diverse population, which we embrace, value, and view as a learning tool.