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Third Grade

Welcome to Third Grade!

3rd Grade is the best!

We are so excited to work along your students this year in third grade! Third grade is a transition year, and our goal is for each third grader to be come responsible, independent learners.

In reading we will learn about genres, reading strategies, biographies, autobiographies, poetry, and novel studies. We also learn how to pick good fit books so that we will be successful and enjoy reading.

We also learn a lot in math. We will learn more about word problems, addition, subtraction, fractions, graphs, shapes, multiplication, and division. We will engage all learners through explorations with math manipulatives.

We will use all of these skills to prepare for the Math and Reading STAAR tests. We also get to go on many educational field trips such as the zoo, Safety City, and the Philharmonic. We hope to instill a love for learning and are excited to watch the students at Stafford Elementary grow throughout the year!