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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade “Scholars!”

At Austin Elementary, the 4th grade is committed to an educational program that recognizes the importance of students having access to a meaningful curriculum. We strive hard to create an environment where students are actively engaged in exploring, developing, testing and discussing higher level thinking strategies.

As each student transitions among the four teachers, the curriculum is designed to show connections between the various content fields. Students are encouraged to ask and answer critical questions as they read both fiction and non-fiction books.

· Students learn about character and plot development as well as explore various reading genres with a goal of creating well rounded 4th grade readers.

· In writing, a higher-level of vocabulary and sentence structure is expected as students write for a purpose such as to explain, describe, persuade, entertain, reflect and to express an opinion.

· No longer can a math class focus solely on numbers taught in isolation. Students are mastering long division, 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication, and decimals of which many times are taught as students are actively engaged in problem solving and realizing there might be multiple ways to solve a math problem.

· In Texas History, students are encouraged to know and take pride in their state’s history whether it be from learning the state motto or understanding what life might have been for the state’s founding settlers.

· Finally, from matter to Mars or from solutions to Saturn, the science curriculum is designed to enable the students to explore why something happens. They analyze, predict, observe and think scientifically until the answer to a question can be found.

· Overall, the 4th grade teachers have a desire for students to experience a safe environment, where opportunities to pursue a love for knowledge is available, and ultimately create life-long learners.